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My experience in this class was good. I got to read a lot of interesting stories and learn about some great writers. Reading these stories made me think of my personal experiences and actually opened my mind to a lot of different things. I never used a tumblr before this so it was interesting to see how creative I could be and learning how to operate the site. I love learning new things and this was actually a fun assignment to work on so maybe tumblr will become a little hobby of mine. Who knows. 


Carlacio, Jami L. The Fiction of Toni Morrison: Reading and Writing on Race, Culture, and Identity. Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English, 2007. Print.

Houston, Whitney. Exhale

Ludacris. Growing Pains

Ambrosius, Marsha. Far Away

Ginuwine. Best Man I Can Be

Cole, J. Crooked Smile

Sande, Emile. Next To Me

Perri, Christina. 1000 years

Boyz II Men. End of the Road

Fugees, The. Killing Me Softly

Carlton, Vanessa. Ordrinary Day

Throughout the story, I wondered why Maggie was so important, it seems like the narrator couldn’t get her out of her head. There were many lessons in this text. Twyla remembers the older kids bulling Maggie and she also remember playing a small role in the hazing but she comes to the realization that doing nothing is just as bad as doing something. I choose this song not because it relates to the text but because it deal with accepting things as they are and moving own with life. 

I chose “Growing Pains” by Ludacris, Fate Wilson, and Keon Bryce for various reasons. The song talks about personal struggles as well as the ups and downs you go through with your friends but remaining as a unit through it all. I love the line “Cause even though we were young, we had to stay strong. No matter what we went through, it was me and my crew.” I believe that with any real friendship there’s going to be times where everything isn’t always sunshine and rainbows but no matter what, real friends go through the lows and come out even stronger. Even though Roberta and Twyla fell off for a while due to their circumstances when they connected again you can tell that the sincerity of their friendship stayed the same. They meet in an orphanage and although their life wasn’t as bad as some of the other girls they still had their own issues in which they over came. 

This song “Far Away” by Marsha Ambrosius is r&b record based on a real life experience about a close friend who took their own life because of their sexuality, social class, and society’s perceptive of them. The title “Far Away” refers to them being deceased and no longer alive. She is feeling left alone in a empty room, hopeless and stuck in her thoughts.This related back to the text in different ways it all depends on your personal thoughts and what you got from the text and song. Different songs give out different meanings to different people and its no right or wrong thing to it.

"What can a brother do for me? See he can help you up when you are down…" I chose "Best Man I Can Be" by Tyrese, Ginuwine, R.L., and Case because it’s a powerful song about friendship. I love this song just because it’s a collaboration of different artists that were supposed to be each other’s competition at the time, but instead they chose to work together and showcase their friendship with this tune. Even though the words are literally about men, it can definitely be related to any type of friendship. The story shows that the friendship between Roberta and Twyla goes through up and downs like any other friendship. Although they don’t seem as close as they were when they were younger I could see them still continuing their friendship.

The meaning behind “Crooked Smile” by J. Cole is a simple yet powerful movement. The song focuses in on how strong people remain after all the pain and struggles that they go through. The words can be related to self-esteem issues, personal struggles in life, society, etc which makes it so much more heartfelt. The artist J.Cole uses a play on words to reference his actual teeth that are crooked, which I think is beyond clever. One line that really stuck out to me is when he says “We ain’t picture perfect but we worth the picture still.” With this line, J.Cole gives people hope. Twyla and Roberta are in a society where they are judge; although Roberta is living a seemly perfect life compared to Twyla its still room for progress.

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